Rescued; Transformed

I recently found this photo of me my first day arriving at the Humane Society, fresh off the van from a shelter in a neighboring state.  That was the end of August 2018, about three weeks before I found my forever home.  I was a mere 16 pounds and pretty scrawny, as well as very uncertain about my future.


About a month later, the Humane Society declared a clean bill of health and I went up on their website.  The next day, my mom came to rescue me!  I was officially adopted on September 21, 2018.


It's been months now living with my forever mom and dad, and let me tell you, it has been utter joy, love, and bliss.  I've packed on the muscle and some healthy fat, I'm getting lots of cuddles, toys, and treats, sleeping on a comfy bed or often the couch, and I feel really energetic and happy.


I'm really blessed and fortunate to have found such a good loving home.  I was an orphan from birth.  I spent the first seven months of my life hungry, overwhelmed, confused, and lonely.  Sure there were lots of animals and people around, but they didn't love me like mom does.  Also, in case you are curious, my birthday is February 26, 2018. 


My mom found me, she picked me out of all those hundreds of other puppies, she brought me to her home, she provides the best of affection, nutrition, comfort, and entertainment and never asks anything in return.  She loves me for me.  She doesn't try to control me.  She doesn't get mad when I'm being a bad boy.  (Sometimes when I'm too mouthy she puts me "in jail" for ten minutes cause she says I'm tempting her to sin with my constant nibbling at her hands.)  She puts time and effort into trying to understand me by tuning into me, as well as internet research.


Now, many months after being with her, I feel relaxed and happy, comfortable and secure, well-fed and most importantly, loved unconditionally.